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Webinar Series Date
Simulation of the noise radiated by a vibrating structure with Actran On-Demand
Introduction to Aero-Acoustic Analysis On-Demand
Adaptive Acoustic Radiation Analysis: Reducing Meshing Efforts and Improving Productivity On-Demand
Assessing Accurately the Vibro-Acoustic Behavior of Trimmed Vehicle Body On-Demand
Solving Higher Frequency Acoustic Radiation Problems with Improved Efficiency On-Demand
Acoustic Simulation of Duct, Intake & Exhaust Systems for Improved Sound Performance On-Demand
Acoustic Simulation for the Aeronautical Industry On-Demand
Simulation and optimization of Acoustic Transmission On-Demand
Simulation and Optimization of Acoustic Treatment for Noise Mitigation On-Demand
Speed up Your Acoustic Simulations With Actran On-Demand
Acoustic Simulation for Heavy Equipment - Construction, Agricultural and Turf-Care Machineries On-Demand
Tuning Acoustic Quality of Audio Devices with Simulation On-Demand
Adaptive Acoustic Radiation Analysis: Reducing Meshing Efforts and Improving Productivity On-Demand
Acoustic challenges and simulation processes in the space industry On-Demand
Time-Domain Solutions for Simulating Transient Acoustics: Impact Noise, Sloshing Noise, and Engine Transmission Noise On-Demand
From Experimental Characterization to Full Frequency Range Acoustic Simulations of Porous Materials On-Demand
Optimize or Reduce Intake & Exhaust Noise with Acoustic Simulations On-Demand
4 To 20 Times Faster Acoustic Simulations: Solve High Frequency and Big Domain Problems in Less Time On-Demand
4 Times Faster Aeroacoustic Analyses with Actran SNGR On-Demand
Acoustic Design Optimization with API Scripting for Higher Productivity and Performance On-Demand
Simulation Solutions to Mitigate Factory Machinery Noise On-Demand
Mitigating Electric Motor Noise through Acoustic Simulations On-Demand
Eliminate Failures of Space Structures by Improving Vibro-Acoustic Performance On-Demand
Accurate Aeroacoustics Prediction with Coupled CFD/Acoustics On-Demand
Reduce Noise and Improve Sound Quality with Actran On-Demand
Eliminate Aircraft Engine Noise Pollution and Improve Cabin Comfort with Actran On-Demand
Anticipate Vehicle Pass-by Noise Requirements with Exterior Acoustic Simulation On-Demand
Noise Prediction for Electric Vehicle Powertrain On-Demand
How to Predict the NVH Performances of your Design at High Frequencies? On-Demand
Democratize access to acoustic simulation using customized interface On-Demand
Smart NVH design of electric vehicles powertrain On-Demand
What's new in Actran 2020? On-Demand
Make your tire noise predictions smarter with acoustic simulation On-Demand
How to get acoustic performances in real-time using machine learning? On-Demand
Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 1 Industrial Context & Challenges On-Demand
Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 2 Acoustic Radiation On-Demand
Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 3 Acoustic Transparency On-Demand
Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 4 Duct Acoustics On-Demand
Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 5 Wrap-Up and Introduction to Actran JumpStart On-Demand
How to facilitate Aeroacoustics CAE? On-Demand
How to improve acoustic interior comfort? On-Demand
What’s new in Actran 2021? On-Demand
How to address the noise challenges of the future transportation across the world? On-Demand
Ensuring vehicle pass-by noise compliance with acoustic simulation On-Demand
Optimize Wind Turbine Acoustics through multiphysics CAE analysis On-Demand
Accelerate your acoustic simulatoins with state-of-the-art High Performance Computing On-Demand
Ensure space launcher and payload integrity under launch and shock conditions with acoustic simulation On-Demand

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