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Make Your Tire Noise Predictions Smarter With Acoustic Simulation
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Noise Prediction for Electric Vehicle Powertrain
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Eliminate Aircraft Engine Noise Pollution and improve Cabin Comfort
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Predict the Pass-by Noise of Motorbikes

Learn how Actran is used at Royal Enfield to ensure regulations levels and acoustic brand signature

Increase Commuters' Comfort

Discover how New Actran NVH Capabilities help Scania Bus improve interior NVH comfort at high frequency

Predict the Vibro-acoustic Response of Satellite Solar Arrays

Airbus DS uses MSC Nastran and Actran to predict the vibro-acoustic response of solar panels at lift-off

Optimization of electric motor drive design

Discover how Actran is used at the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain Program

Sound Attenuation Prediction of High Speed Railway Sound Barrier

China Railway Design Corporation uses Actran modeling capabilities

Reduce Design Time of Active Pedestrian Alerting System by 50%

Actran simulates results for pedestrian alerting system technology

Predict pass-by noise

Renault anticipates design requirements with Actran to meet pass-by noise regulation

Reduce Cabin Noise in Trucks

Scania simulates all major contributions to cabin noise and uses auralization for subjective evaluation

Exhaust Active Noise Cancellation

Learn how Actran helped Tenneco designing innovative exhaust systems