Who should attend:

New Actran users. No experience with Actran required. Acoustics background is preferable.



This training will give you a global overview of the acoustic and vibro-acoustic simulations with Actran. You will learn how to predict the acoustic radiation from a vibrating structure. Moreover the structure modeling in physical and modal coordinates and the fluid-structure coupling will be covered. The use of porous materials as well as random acoustic excitations will be addressed.

Topics covered:

  • Acoustic simulation and radiation of a vibrating structure
  • Noise reduction using porous materials
  • Structure modeling with introduction of composite materials in Actran
  • Fluid-structure coupling: compatible and incompatible mesh
  • Non-reflecting boundary conditions: infinite elements, APML, duct modes
  • Excitations:
    - Structural: displacement, accelerations, forces
    - Acoustics: pressure field, monopole, random excitations (diffuse field, turbulent boundary layer...)
  • Post processing capabilities: acoustic directivity, radiated and dissipated power, transmission loss, displacement, frequency response functions and maps