Who should attend:

New Actran users. Experience with Actran is not required. Acoustics background is preferable.



This training will introduce you to panel and window modelling with Actran. You will be able to predict the acoustic radiation and the transmission loss for multilayer and composite walls. Modeling process for planar geometries as well as for complex structures will be presented. The modeling of seals and frames will be addressed for improving the insulation performance.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the acoustic and the vibro-acoustic simulation, including viscothermal effects
  • Excitations for panel and windows within Actran:
    - Deterministic excitations: plane waves, forces, distributed loads
    - Random excitation: diffuse field, turbulent boundary layer
  • Modeling panel and window components:
    - Multilayer panel: solid shell and solid elements for materials like foam, metal and glass
    - Composite panel: shell elements, fiber directions and homogenization technique
  • Acoustic radiations:
    - For planar structures: Rayleigh surface
    - For complex shapes: incompatible mesh and infinite elements
  • Post processing: acoustic transmission loss and dissipated energy per each layer