Who should attend:

This training is dedicated to those who already perform car body simulation with Nastran and want to add porous materials for predicting the noise inside the cabin.



This training focuses on the trimmed car body modeling with Nastran. For achieving that goal, a part of the MSC Actran software has been integrated into Nastran, under the feature called Nastran PEM. You will learn what is the strategy adopted for modeling porous component, how to use this feature and finally how to post-process the results.


Topics covered:

  • Porous materials modeling with the Biot model
  • Overview of existing methods for take account of porous materials
  • Reminder on fluid structure coupling in Nastran
  • Ad-hoc Numerical method:
    • Porous components solve in physical coordinates, then projected in modal coordinates
    • Cavity and structure in modal coordinates
    • Final computations: modal response
  • Applications on a simplified car body
  • Acoustic pressure at driver’s ears