Virtual SEA Simulation for Automotive vibro-acoustic in the mid and high frequency ranges


Virtual prototyping is more and more resorted to for accelerating the product design process. In such context, efficient numerical simulation tools (accurate, easy-to-use and computationally performant) are needed for assessing the vibro-acoustic performance of structural components or systems. While the finite element method has demonstrated its robustness in the so-called low frequency-range (LF), dedicated methods able to tackle higher modal densities and variability effects need to be developed. As electric motors are quieter than thermic engines, the main noise sources contributions for electric vehicles is mainly in the mid and high frequency range. Free Field Technologies has worked in the past few years on setting up a Virtual SEA tool which provides an answer to this industrial need, while fully-leveraging and allowing for a smooth and natural transition from LF FE-based models. The purpose of this internship is to apply and design best practice rules for the setup of Virtual SEA models on typical industrial models. In the framework of this internship, the trainee will apply this method and investigations on a realistic full car. In particular, coupling of the structural model to an acoustic fluid cavity as well as frequency extrapolation rules have been recently added to the numerical simulation product and require modelling practice to be designed.


Mont-Saint-Guibert, Brussels area, Belgium.


Founded in 1998, Free Field Technologies (FFT, -part of the Hexagon group- ( is a SME developing and supporting the Actran software suite for acoustic simulation. The company serves customers as diverse as car manufacturers and their suppliers, aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturers, loudspeakers and other audio device producers, consultants, universities and research centers.
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Our company offers a challenging, supporting and international working environment. You will be in contact with the very best experts in the field of acoustic simulation and with first class customers from the automotive, aerospace and heavy industry communities. At their contact you will develop your technical and interaction skills.


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