Acoustic CAE services by Free Field Technologies

Free Field Technologies, the developer of the Actran acoustic, vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic CAE software suite, also provides related technical services to its customers: technical support, training, technology transfer, methodology development, on-site or off-site consulting, custom developments. Our support team routinely answers dozens of support questions raised from all over the world by our large user community. Answers provide accurate and timely help to professionals whose acoustic design projects cannot wait.

FFT’s consulting team in Brussels, Toulouse, Detroit and Tokyo may also help you reach your acoustic design goals through off-site projects, on-site assistance, methodology development and deployment missions or technology transfer initiatives.

Our team is highly efficient in applying the Actran family of software for solving almost any type of acoustic challenge. This goes through the entire chain of acoustic numerical prediction: starting from the CAD model through the mesh generation up to the thorough post-processing and analysis of the results output by Actran . Our services also rely on other CAE tools such as CFD software packages, structural analysis codes, MATLAB™ or Python scripts and more.

FFT’s development group also develops custom Actran solution sequences and request tuning for supporting your special needs. Actran installation, optimization, integration and customization services are also available.

Project samples

  • Vibro-acoustic optimization of a multi-layered windshield
  • APU inlet liner optimization
  • Aero-acoustic analysis of HVAC systems
  • Vibro-acoustic analysis of a satellite antenna under random loads
  • Vibro-aero-acoustic study of side mirror noise transmission through the car compartment

Our strengths

  • Basic and advanced, standard and custom designed, on-site or off-site, hands-on or theoretical training sessions
  • Hotline support
  • On-site assistance
  • Short or long, unique or repetitive consulting projects
  • CAE Integration services
  • High-performance computing consulting including installation, optimization, integration and customization services
  • Methodology development and deployment
  • Technology transfer services
  • Professional team
  • High-quality reporting
  • High-performance computing resources