Actran is widely used throughout the automotive industry and provides dedicated solutions matching this industry's very specific needs.

From car, trucks or buses OEM to tier-one suppliers, from tyre manufacturers to suppliers of trim components, from exhaust and intake manufacturers to specialized consultants Actran offers the best available tools and unmatched consulting experience in:

  • vibro-acoustic of full vehicles;
  • sound package (trim) design;
  • sound radiation by powetrain and driveline;
  • intake and exhaust noise prediction;
  • wind noise assessment;
  • tyre noise analysis;
  • HVAC noise prediction;
  • sound propagation in high pressure distribution ducts.

Among the many unique features developed to serve the automotive community are:

  • turbulent boundary layer and diffuse sound field mechanical excitation models;
  • direct use of NASTRAN body in white models for trim design;
  • ultra-fast acoustic radiation solver;
  • wide library of material models (elastic, visco-elastic, poro-elastic, composite);
  • support of high-performance computing infrastructures.

The Actran software helps support our acoustic development programs. Actran helps further improve how we investigate and understand acoustic challenges in order to ensure that we continue to provide leading-edge acoustic solutions for exhaust systems.

Jerome Voillequin, senior acoustic engineer, Tenneco Emission Control Europe in Edenkoben, Germany.