Who should attend:

New Actran users. Experience with Actran is not required. Acoustics background is preferable.




In this training you will learn how to use dedicated Actran features for computing the near and the far field noise of a turbomachine. Specific acoustic excitations and non reflecting boundary conditions with duct modes, acoustic liners and handling of the mean flow are topics addressed in this sessions.

Topics covered:

  • Convected acoustic propagations: convected Helmholtz equations (and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods)
  • Non-reflecting boundary conditions: infinite elements, PML, duct modes ( and buffer zones)
  • Excitations: duct modes and Thompson boundary condition
  • Duct modes computation from CFD unsteady results
  • Intake and Exhaust noise
  • Handling of a mean flow computed by an external tool or by the Actran compressible flow solver
  • Use of the adapted numerical method:
    - 2D axisymmetric model
    - 3D half model: automatic symmetric and anti-symmetric computations and recombination
  • Post processing capabilities: acoustic directivities, broadband computations, radiated powers, frequency response functions and maps