Who should attend:

Engineers solving very large Actran models or need to better understand information linked to their computations. Having already performed simulations with Actran or having followed a basic training is a prerequisite.



Actran is able to handle complex models with a huge number of degrees of freedom. This session will teach you to understand useful computational information given during the model building and the Actran computation. Therefore, you will be able to fit your Actran model with your computational resources. You will also be introduced to the different parallelisms available in Actran.


Topics covered:

  • Trace file  analysis:
    • Information available at each step of  the simulation
    • Memory consumption: estimation by the numerical solver, real consumption, virtual and resident memory…
  • Parallelism methods :
    • Multi-threading
    • parallel jobs: azimuthal / frequency / matrix parallelism, multiple parallelism
  • MPI implementation
  • Queue submission Method