Who should attend:

New Actran users. Experience with Actran is not required. Acoustics background is preferable.



This training will introduce you to Actran for acoustic and vibroacoustic modeling, focusing on spatial applications. You will be able to apply specific acoustic loads on the spacecraft fairing or the payloads. Interactions with MSC Nastran will be addressed as well as the coupling with MSC fatigue.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the acoustic and the vibro-acoustic simulation, including viscothermal effects
  • Excitations: the diffuse field and turbulent boundary layer
  • Non reflecting boundary conditions: Infinite elements and APML
  • Interactions with MSC products:
    - Convert an MSC Nastran structural model into an Actran structural model
    - Use Nastran structural modal basis
    - Coupling between Actran and MSC Fatigue
  • Post processing:
    - Displacements, accelerations, forces
    - Strain and stress, including Von Misses stress