Who should attend:

Engineers that already use Actran for acoustic radiations and/or have already followed a basic training.



This training will help you to enhance your current vibroacoustic simulations in order to improve both efficiency and accuracy with latest features of Actran. It will cover the advanced HPC and solver features in order to reduce memory foot print and the computational time. Finally, you will learn how reduce your pre- and post-processing time using scripting. Advanced analysis including various acoustic indicators will also help you to better understand the physical behavior of your model.


Topics covered:

  • Summary of the basics for a strong vibroacoustic coupling
  • Use the adapted numerical method:
    - Staggered Solver
    - Hybrid method
  • Compatible mesh Vs incompatible mesh
  • Convert Nastran structural model into an Actran model
  • Use of Nastran superelement
  • Advanced post-processing
    - Deactivation of unused indicators to decrease the CPU time
    - Perform an energy balance analysis