Performance Evaluation of Eastman’s Saflex® E Series Acoustic Interlayer

Pol D'Haene, Stijn Van de Vyver - Eastman

Athanasios Poulos, Xavier Robin - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021

A cost-effective computational technique for aeroacoustic noise prediction using the SNGR method

B. de Brye, A. Poulos, C. Legendre, G. Lielens - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

ISMA 2020 Conference

Interactive Sound Quality Evaluation of an EV Virtual Prototype

Rabah Hadjit - Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

Travis Histed, Sanket Joshi - Hexagon | Romax Technology Inc

Alexis Talbot, Jeremy Charbonneau - Hexagon | MSC Software

Noise-Con 2020 Online Conference

Vibro-Acoustic Response Prediction of the Bartolomeo Multi-Purpose Payload

K. Abdoly, L. Van Der Smissen Airbus Defence and Space GmbH - Bremen (Germany)

M. Brandstetter, D. Binet, Free Field Technologies, part of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division

Numerical acoustic modelling of a ventilation unit by 3D FEM and application to the design of an ANC feedforward system

Stéphane Lesoinne, Jean-Jacques Embrechts - Acoustic laboratory, Montefiore Institute, University of Liège, Belgium

Guillaume Vatin, Bastien Ganty, Yves Detandt- Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

23rd International Congress on Acoustics - 2019

Numerical investigation of indirect combustion noise mechanisms in a nozzle

T. Deconninck; A. Appel de Gardane; Y. Detandt; C. Legendre and G. Lielens - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

A. Vallon - Safran Helicopter Engines

Proceeding of the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA)

Parametric analysis of an automotive wheel arch acoustic treatment

R. Baudson, V. Sujjur Balaramraja, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

T. Lafont, F. Ronzio - Autoneum Management AG

Proceedings of the Automotive Acoustics Conference 2019

Numerical modelling and characterization of a heat exchanger

G. Vatin, B. Ganty, Y. Detandt - FFT

S. Lesoinne, J.-J. Embrechts - University of Liège

Internoise 2019

Hybrid Experimental - Numerical Method to Predict Far Field Noise of HVAC Unit

ROBINET Benjamin, LENAERTS Simon - Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions

Raskin Maxime, Jacqmot Jonathan - FFT

Internoise 2019

On the effects of vorticity on the acoustic field through a scalar operator based on total enthalpy terms

C. Legendre, B. de Brye, Y. Detandt, G. Lielens, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - FFT
Euronoise 2018

SEA modelling and Transfer Path Analysis of an extensive RENAULT B segment SUV Finite Element Model

C. Dutrion, P. Mordillat - Renault
M. Brandstetter
, P. D. Antoniadis, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - FFT

Aachen Acoustics Colloquium 2018

Validity of the transfer matrix method for modeling trim components in vibro-acoustic applications

B. Van Antwerpen, S. Corveleyn, G. Lielens, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - FFT

ISMA 2018

Broadband noise prediction of stochastic sources based on the linearized Euler equations

César Legendre, Athanasios Poulos, Benjamin de Brye, Alexis Talbot, Maxime Raskin & Yves Detandt

Inter-Noise 2018

Calcul de la réponse vibro acoustique des vitrages automobiles a l'excitation aerodynamique par la methode des élements finis

F. Van Herpe - PSA
D. Binet - FFT
CFA 2018

Analysis Of IXV Space Hardware Exposed To Acoustic Diffuse Random Field

S. Destefani, M. Bellini - Thales Alenia Space-Italy
A. Talbot - FFT