Numerical modelling and characterization of a heat exchanger

G. Vatin, B. Ganty, Y. Detandt - FFT

S. Lesoinne, J.-J. Embrechts - University of Liège

Internoise 2019

Hybrid Experimental - Numerical Method to Predict Far Field Noise of HVAC Unit

ROBINET Benjamin, LENAERTS Simon - Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions

Raskin Maxime, Jacqmot Jonathan - FFT

Internoise 2019

SEA modelling and Transfer Path Analysis of an extensive RENAULT B segment SUV Finite Element Model

C. Dutrion, P. Mordillat - Renault
M. Brandstetter
, P. D. Antoniadis, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - FFT

Aachen Acoustics Colloquium 2018

Validity of the transfer matrix method for modeling trim components in vibro-acoustic applications

B. Van Antwerpen, S. Corveleyn, G. Lielens, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - FFT

ISMA 2018

Broadband noise prediction of stochastic sources based on the linearized Euler equations

César Legendre, Athanasios Poulos, Benjamin de Brye, Alexis Talbot, Maxime Raskin & Yves Detandt

Inter-Noise 2018

Calcul de la réponse vibro acoustique des vitrages automobiles a l'excitation aerodynamique par la methode des élements finis

F. Van Herpe - PSA
D. Binet - FFT
CFA 2018

On the effects of vorticity on the acoustic field through a scalar operator based on total enthalpy terms

C. Legendre, B. de Brye, Y. Detandt, G. Lielens, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - FFT
Euronoise 2018

Analysis Of IXV Space Hardware Exposed To Acoustic Diffuse Random Field

S. Destefani, M. Bellini - Thales Alenia Space-Italy
A. Talbot - FFT

Numerical Aeroacoustic Analysis of Small Cooling Fans for Electronic Devices

A. Talbot, Y. Detandt - FFT
S. Hatanaka, K. Hirai - Software Cradle
G. Minorikawa - Hosei University

FAN 2018

Acoustic modeling of a Diesel Particulate Filter using a double equivalent fluid homogenization approach

G. Lielens, M. Brandstetter, A. Talbot - FFT
DAGA 2018

CFD and CHA simulation of underwater noise induced by a marine propeller in two-phase flows

Ville M. Viitanen*, Antti Hynninen*, Lars Lübke**, Rhena Klose**, Jukka Tanttari*, Tuomas Sipilä*, Timo Siikonen***

* VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd.

** SVA, Postdam Model Basin, Germany

*** FINFLO Ltd., Espoo, Finland - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

5th International Symposium on Marine Propulsors

We kinldy invite you to download the paper on the International Symposiums on Marine Propulsors webpage.

On predicting the sound from a cavitating marine propeller in a tunnel

Antti Hynninen*, Jukka Tanttari*, Ville M. Viitanen*, Tuomas Sipila*

*VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Espoo, Finland

5th International Symposium on Marine Propulsors


We kindly invite you to donwload the paper on the International Symposiums on Marine Propulsors website

Efficient Method for extending Car Wind Noise Prediction Frequency Range based on Steady CFD input

F. Bissardella - Magna Steyr Engineering
A. Talbot, Y. Detandt - FFT
Aachen Acoustic Colloquium 2017

Optimal Design of the Acoustic Treatments Damping the Noise Radiated by a Turbofan Engine

B. Van den Nieuwenhof, G. Lielens, E. Rosseel, V. Dangla - FFT
C. Soize - Université Paris-Est Laboratoire MSME
M. Kassem, A. Mosson - Airbus Commercial Aircraft
AIAA Aviation 2017

A Methodology for the Optimal Positioning of Damping Sheets on Panels

B. Van den Nieuwenhof, G. Vo Thi, M. Raskin, J. Jacqmot - FFT