Simulation of Automotive loudspeaker integration for the full auditory spectrum

Thibaud Costes, Jeremy Charbonneau - Hexagon

International Conference on Automotive Audio 2022

Whitepaper: High performance computing with Actran

Whitepaper: Making renewable energy quieter

Direct poroelastic encapsulation modelling method for engine radiated noise reduction purposes

M. Nair - Hexagon L. Lei - TREVES Products C. Dumont - Stellantis SIA NVH Conference 2021

Using Simulation to Predict Reverberation Room Performance: Validation and Parameter Study

Jared Schmal, D. W. Herrin 2 - University of Kentucky Jennifer Shaw - Blachford Inc Charles Moritz - Cadillac Products Automotive Company Alexis Talbot, Nikhil Ghaisas - Hexagon

A novel GPU accelerated numerical process for automotive loudspeaker design and integration studies

T. Costes, E. Gaudry, B. De Brye, R. Baudson - Heaxgon | Free Field Technologies 

SIA NVH Conference 2021

Computational noise level predictions of small multi-rotor unmanned aircraft systems at different payload conditions

C. Legendre, V. Ficat-Andrieu, A. Poulos - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

Y. Kitano, Y. Nakashima - Software Cradle Co., Ltd

W. Kobayashi, G.Minorikawa - Hosei University Urban Air Mobility Laboratory

DICUAM 2021 Online Conference

Measurement of the Transmission Loss of Thin Panels Using the Two-Load Impedance Tube Method

Xin Yan, David Herrin - University of Kentucky

Nikhil Ghaisas - Hexagon | MSC Software

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021

A machine learning-based methodology for computational aeroacoustics predictions of multi-propeller drones

César Legendre, Vincent Ficat-Andrieu, Athanasios Poulos - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

Yuya Kitano, Yoshitaka Nakashima - Hexagon | Software Cradle

Wataru Kobayash, Gaku Minorikawa - Hosei University

Internoise Conference 2021

Virtual SEA Vibro-Acoustic Response Prediction of the IXV Space Hardware Exposed to Acoustic Diffuse Random Field

Stefano Destefanis, Marina Bellini - Thales Alenia Space 

Cyril de Walque, Romain Baudson, Markus Brandstetter - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies


Whitepaper: Preventing air transportation noise pollution

Acoustic Model Reduction for the Design of Acoustic Treatments

Athanasios Poulos, Jonathan Jacqmot, Romain Baudson, Kambiz Kayvantash,

Sandrine Le Corre - Hexagon | MSC Software, CADLM

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021

Solution of Pierce’s equation for Tam & Auriault's mixing noise model

Étienne Spieser, Christophe Bailly - École Centrale de Lyon

César Legendre - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies


Industrial-scale time domain modelling of acoustic surface treatments for aero-engines using discontinuous Galerkin method

Mehdi Naïr, Benjamin de Brye, Cesar Legendre - Hexagon | MSC Software

Loris Casadei, Guilherme Cunha - Airbus


CAE Analysis and Auralization of Driveline Clunk NVH

Kelby P. Weilnau - Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

Jeremy Charbonneau - Hexagon | MSC Software

Mohammad Moetakef, Giovanni Rinaldi - Ford Motor Company

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021