Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 5 Wrap-Up and Introduction to Actran JumpStart

Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 1 Industrial Context & Challenges

How to get acoustic performances in real-time using machine learning?

Predicting the Acoustic Signature of Electric Vehicle Powertrains

Sound Attenuation Prediction of High Speed Railway Sound Barrier with Actran

Make your tire noise predictions smarter with acoustic simulation

Royal Enfield - Motorbike Pass-by Noise

Numerical acoustic modelling of a ventilation unit by 3D FEM and application to the design of an ANC feedforward system

Stéphane Lesoinne, Jean-Jacques Embrechts - Acoustic laboratory, Montefiore Institute, University of Liège, Belgium

Guillaume Vatin, Bastien Ganty, Yves Detandt- Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

23rd International Congress on Acoustics - 2019

Actran Helps to Predict the Vibro-acoustic Response of Satellite Solar Arrays

Shaping a Smart and Connected World: Avio to Ensure Spatial Launchers Structural Integrity

Sustainable Engineering is Good Business Sense: CAE Can Solve Global Environmental Challenges

Actran Helps Reduce Time to Optimize Design of Active Pedestrian Alerting System by 50%

Numerical investigation of indirect combustion noise mechanisms in a nozzle

T. Deconninck; A. Appel de Gardane; Y. Detandt; C. Legendre and G. Lielens - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

A. Vallon - Safran Helicopter Engines

Proceeding of the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA)

Parametric analysis of an automotive wheel arch acoustic treatment

R. Baudson, V. Sujjur Balaramraja, B. Van den Nieuwenhof - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

T. Lafont, F. Ronzio - Autoneum Management AG

Proceedings of the Automotive Acoustics Conference 2019

What's new in Actran 2020?