General Motors: Comfortable eV design - a frequency shift

Yamaha: A vision of sound

Direct poroelastic encapsulation modelling method for engine radiated noise reduction purposes

M. Nair - Hexagon L. Lei - TREVES Products C. Dumont - Stellantis SIA NVH Conference 2021

Using Simulation to Predict Reverberation Room Performance: Validation and Parameter Study

Jared Schmal, D. W. Herrin 2 - University of Kentucky Jennifer Shaw - Blachford Inc Charles Moritz - Cadillac Products Automotive Company Alexis Talbot, Nikhil Ghaisas - Hexagon

Actran helps Dura Automotive Systems evaluate spare tire tub’s NVH performance

AI/ML based trimmed body NTF & global modes prediction & optimization using ODYSSEE CAE

Acoustic design of enclosures to minimize noise

Dura Automotive Systems maintains acoustic performances of car windows thanks to Actran

Analysis of Acoustic Behaviour of Louvers using Actran

A novel GPU accelerated numerical process for automotive loudspeaker design and integration studies

T. Costes, E. Gaudry, B. De Brye, R. Baudson - Heaxgon | Free Field Technologies 

SIA NVH Conference 2021

Computational noise level predictions of small multi-rotor unmanned aircraft systems at different payload conditions

C. Legendre, V. Ficat-Andrieu, A. Poulos - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

Y. Kitano, Y. Nakashima - Software Cradle Co., Ltd

W. Kobayashi, G.Minorikawa - Hosei University Urban Air Mobility Laboratory

DICUAM 2021 Online Conference

Actran VibroAcoustics

Actran for Trimmed Body

Actran Acoustics

Actran TM