Accelerate your acoustic simulatoins with state-of-the-art High Performance Computing

Optimize Wind Turbine Acoustics through multiphysics CAE analysis

Ensuring vehicle pass-by noise compliance with acoustic simulation

Measurement of the Transmission Loss of Thin Panels Using the Two-Load Impedance Tube Method

Xin Yan, David Herrin - University of Kentucky

Nikhil Ghaisas - Hexagon | MSC Software

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021

A machine learning-based methodology for computational aeroacoustics predictions of multi-propeller drones

César Legendre, Vincent Ficat-Andrieu, Athanasios Poulos - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

Yuya Kitano, Yoshitaka Nakashima - Hexagon | Software Cradle

Wataru Kobayash, Gaku Minorikawa - Hosei University

Internoise Conference 2021

Virtual SEA Vibro-Acoustic Response Prediction of the IXV Space Hardware Exposed to Acoustic Diffuse Random Field

Stefano Destefanis, Marina Bellini - Thales Alenia Space 

Cyril de Walque, Romain Baudson, Markus Brandstetter - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies


Whitepaper: Preventing air transportation noise pollution

Acoustic Model Reduction for the Design of Acoustic Treatments

Athanasios Poulos, Jonathan Jacqmot, Romain Baudson, Kambiz Kayvantash,

Sandrine Le Corre - Hexagon | MSC Software, CADLM

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021

Solution of Pierce’s equation for Tam & Auriault's mixing noise model

Étienne Spieser, Christophe Bailly - École Centrale de Lyon

César Legendre - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies


Industrial-scale time domain modelling of acoustic surface treatments for aero-engines using discontinuous Galerkin method

Mehdi Naïr, Benjamin de Brye, Cesar Legendre - Hexagon | MSC Software

Loris Casadei, Guilherme Cunha - Airbus


CAE Analysis and Auralization of Driveline Clunk NVH

Kelby P. Weilnau - Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

Jeremy Charbonneau - Hexagon | MSC Software

Mohammad Moetakef, Giovanni Rinaldi - Ford Motor Company

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021

Performance Evaluation of Eastman’s Saflex® E Series Acoustic Interlayer

Pol D'Haene, Stijn Van de Vyver - Eastman

Athanasios Poulos, Xavier Robin - Hexagon | Free Field Technologies

Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition 2021

Dura Automotive Systems maintains acoustic performances of car windows thanks to Actran

Actran helps Dura Automotive Systems evaluate spare tire tub’s NVH performance

Acoustic design of enclosures to minimize noise