Actran VI

Dedicated pre and post-processor for the Actran CAE software family

Actran VI is the new graphical user interface specifically designed for pre- and post-processing vibro- and aero-acoustic analyses of all Actran modules.

Including an Actran input file reader to check or modify input files generated by other tools, Actran VI supports several mesh formats (Nastran BDF, ANSYS RST and CDB, Actran DAT and NFF, I-DEAS UNV, Patran Neutral Format) as input for creating Actran input files.

Actran VI features its own meshing tool specifically designed for generating, modifying and improving meshes for vibro- and aero-acoustic analyses. Its numerous meshing functionalities include surface and volume operations such as shrink-wrap and mesh-on-mesh surface generation or volume mesh creations. It also features several editing tools allowing fast and easy improvements of the acoustic mesh.

Its various integrated pre-processing tools ease the creation and editing of Actran models. It is easy to visualize specific Actran model features (such as modal basis, sources or infinite elements coordinate system), to specify the projection parameters between incompatible meshes, to insert additional entities (e.g. control points) or to visualize the specified boundary conditions.

Additionally, it is also convenient to define analysis templates (with or without mesh) to ease the creation of recurrent analyses. Scripting can be combined to the ActranVI session fi le in order to perform parametric studies and optimization.

The post-processing tool supports different results formats, such as OP2, UNV, NFF, RST, HDF and punch files. It contains different visualization modules, such as contour plots (maps), iso-surfaces, vectors or deformations, which can be freely combined and controlled using different filters. Synchronized viewports makes it easy to compare results at different frequencies, phases, times or related to different load case.

An animation module dedicated to complex harmonic results coupled with video export capabilities is also included.

Actran VI includes the PLTViewer and WaterfallViewer modules for easily displaying and handling frequency response functions, in single or multiple loadcases.

Sample Applications:
  • Import, edit and create acoustic meshes
  • Creation of new Actran analyses
  • Process automation & optimization
  • Display of all Actran results