Innovative and efficient Aeroacoustic simulations


Aero-acoustic simulations aim to study the generation and propagation of noise in perturbed flow (e.g. by the presence of side mirror in automotive application). With new generation of engine and electric motor, the aero-acoustic noise contribution becomes dominant and represent a real challenge in the design of tomorrow components.

During the internship, the trainee will work on Aeroacoustic noise prediction. He will use the latest version of the software, and our last advanced development on the topic, dedicated to automotive and aero-space studies. The objectives of the internship are to understand the sensitivity and the accuracy of the noise prediction, and the performance of the computational chain, following a set of parameters (theoretical and numerical parameters).

Innovative technologies, such as SNGR (stochastic noise generation and radiation) and APE (acoustic perturbation equations), will be applied to model simple and realistic aeroacoustic cases.


Mont-Saint-Guibert, Brussels area, Belgium.


Founded in 1998, Free Field Technologies (FFT, -part of the Hexagon group- ( is a SME developing and supporting the Actran software suite for acoustic simulation. The company serves customers as diverse as car manufacturers and their suppliers, aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturers, loudspeakers and other audio device producers, consultants, universities and research centers.

We also provide related services: acoustic CAE consultancy (on-site or off-site), training, specific developments, contract research and provides a range of services in the field of acoustic design. The Company is also involved in multiple research programs in acoustics, aero-acoustics, vibro-acoustics, high-performance computing etc.

Actran is used by hundreds of companies worldwide including Airbus, Boeing, Safran, Rolls Royce, BMW, Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Renault, Bose, Microsoft, Panasonic and many more. Free field Technologies operates from its belgian headquarters (close to Louvain-la-Neuve) and from branch offices in Toulouse, Tokyo, Beijing, Bangalore and Troy). It also leverages the commercial and distribution network of its mothership (Group).

Our company offers a challenging, supporting and international working environment. You will be in contact with the very best experts in the field of acoustic simulation and with first class customers from the automotive, aerospace and heavy industry communities. At their contact you will develop your technical and interaction skills.

Please watch a short intro video on our software Actran here. 


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