FFT was founded in 1998 by Jean-Pierre Coyette and Jean-Louis Migeot and today operates three areas of business: developing the Actran software suite; providing services such as training, engineering consulting, methods development and CAE process automation; and research in acoustic CAE and related fields.

From its five offices around the world, FFT’s engineering teams proudly serve more than 300 clients in the Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Home Appliance and Heavy Equipment industries as well as in the Educational and Research sectors.

FFT joined MSC Software Corporation in September 2011. MSC Software is the leading provider in Virtual Product Development technology, including simulation software and professional services. Today, developments of technology synergies between Actran and software from MSC’s portfolio are regarded as strategic priorities for FFT to better serve its clients with today’s increasing demand on multi-disciplinary co-simulation.