Frazer-Nash Consultancy is one of the UK´s largest providers of engineering technology, delivering expertise and services solutions including systems engineering and design, safety, environmental, and risk mitigation, as well as engineering analysis and simulation. Their ability to perform acoustics simulations with Actran has expanded their services capabilities and helps solve more of their customers' challenging engineering problems.

Actran was selected due to its ability to efficiently couple unsteady Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and vibro-acoustic analysis including the influence of heavy fluid loading. We deploy Actran for a wide range of pipeline and process equipment modeling, and use it to help design and simulate noise and vibration control measures in a virtual environment. We have verified the ability of Actran to solve vibro-acoustic problems with a wide variety of physics, and continue to advance our capability thanks to Actran's efficient solver capabilities which allow us to analyze larger and more sophisticated models. This has given us a competitive advantage and stronger relationships with our customers.

Chris Carter, Consultant at Frazer-Nash