Reduce the ecological footprint caused by the aviation industry

The ‘Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative’ with an estimated budget of 1.6 billion euros represents the largest European aeronautical research project so far. This ambitious program is equally funded by the European Commission and the aviation industry, running from 2008 to 2017. It aims to develop new technologies into working technology demonstrators that can significantly reduce the ecological footprint caused by the aviation industry in terms of fuel burn and noise emissions.

FFT takes part in the ENITEP project which concerns the requirement to perform a combination of experimental wind tunnel tests and numerical simulations, allowing the study of acoustic refraction through the aerodynamic boundary layer over a fuselage. The aim of the research will be to acquire experimental acoustic data to validate and develop numerical simulation methods in order to better understand the complex phenomena of noise transmission from Contra-rotating Open Rotor engines (CROR) into the aircraft cabin at cruise conditions.