It is now more than 10 years since AIRBUS has been using Actran software. Starting as a research tool for aircraft engine noise prediction, Actran has taken year after year a more significant role in the Acoustic & Environment department of AIRBUS France where it is used for answering various types of questions coming from the different aircraft development programs, as well as for R&D activities.


Actran has been ported and optimized to support the HPC environment of AIRBUS which consists in a cluster of the latest generation. This makes it very practical to use Actran on applications that are realistic in geometry, it allows also to analyze these problems up to the mid & high frequency range.


Actran evolved significantly over the last decades. It includes a wealth of features that are necessary for modeling accurately our problems in acoustics, vibro-acoustics and aero-acoustics.
Jean-Yves Suratteau, head of the numerical methods group in the Acoustics & Enviromnet department of AIRBUS