Actran Introduced in the Acoustic Engineering Course at the University of Brussels

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (May 4, 2015) - MSC Software Corporation and Free Field Technologies (FFT), an MSC Software Company, today announced the adoption of its Actran vibro-acoustic software in the "Tools and Methods of Acoustic Engineering" course at the University of Brussels (ULB) in Belgium.

The theoretical lecture introduces the fundamentals of acoustics and vibro-acoustics by describing the constitutive equations and their underlying physical hypotheses. Additionally, key acoustical phenomena are reviewed such as reflection, absorption, resonance, and fluid-structure interaction. To illustrate the course, students were asked to investigate several models created with Actran, the acoustic Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software developed by FFT. Students were given access to the free Actran Student Edition and were invited to go through tutorials provided on the MSC Software website. Available tutorials range from sound radiation by a simple monopole to a simulation of impedance measurements with a Kundt's tube.

"The acoustics course is fairly theoretical, and students often experience difficulties grasping the physical concepts underlined by the mathematical developments," said Jean-Louis Migeot, professor at the University of Brussels since 2001, and CEO of FFT. "Schools can lack experimental facilities to demonstrate the concepts, so using a CAE software is definitely the best solution for introducing theories and applications to students during the course. As a result, students demonstrate a higher command of the course concepts."

"Even though each problem is different, the solving procedure taught in the Actran Student Edition online tutorials is very systematic in the way domains and meshes are set-up and solutions calculated," said Michael El Kadi, now a PhD student at the Dutch-speaking sister university: Vrije Universiteit Brussel. "In my opinion the key strength of the program resides in this systematic approach, which makes the program easily accessible to new users while, at the same time, remaining very powerful for more experienced users."

About Brussels Faculty of Engineering
The University of Brussels (ULB), founded in 1834, is one of Belgium's leading universities. Its 24,000+ students are scattered among several faculties and schools. The Faculty of Applied Sciences, also known as the School of Engineering, founded in 1873, offers five years engineering curriculum in all fields of engineering: construction, mechanics, aerospace, electronics, physics, chemistry, bio-engineering and electricity.

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Founded in 1998, and headquartered in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, Free Field Technologies, an MSC Software company, develops and supports Actran, a powerful software suite for acoustic, vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic modeling. Actran contains a wide set of acoustic features making it the solution of choice for customers as diverse as top car manufacturers and their suppliers, the largest civil and military aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturers, leading producers of loudspeakers and other audio devices, consultants, universities and research centers. FFT maintains offices in Toulouse, Tokyo, Detroit and Beijing.

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