Accurate Aeroacoustics Prediction with Coupled CFD/Acoustics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has emerged as a powerful tool to optimize the design of a large range of products for numerous applications in the past decades. CFD calculations provide guidance to improve the aerodynamic performances of products in a very short time frame and before any prototype is built. However, predicting the noise from turbulent flows is often complicated to achieve with CFD software alone, due to the model refinement it requires.

Through the acquisition of Software Cradle, a CFD company, MSC Software now provides a multi-physics software solution allowing engineers to optimize both aerodynamic and acoustic performances of products using SC/Tetra and Actran.

Thanks to their remarkable synergy, SC/Tetra and Actran can help companies reduce their product development costs by accurately predicting both aerodynamic and acoustic performances of their products in the early design stages.