This supplemental issue of Simulating Reality, the MSC Software corporate magazine, highlights how Actran can solve challenging acoustic problems of ground vehicles.

To this aim, our customers' and experts' articles are illustrating the power of Actran's new technologies on Acoustic, Vibro-Acoustic and Aero-Acoustic simulations.

This issue include:

  • Exhaust Active Noise Cancellation - Tenneco Brings New Products to Market
  • From 1 Year to 3 Months - CNH Industrial Achieves Dramatic Time Savings
  • What’s New in Actran for Ground Vehicles
  • Actran Simulation of Exterior Wind Noise
  • Efficient Solutions for Simulating Ground Vehicle Acoustic Propagation
  • NVH Analysis Advances in the Automotive Industry

We extend our thanks to all the Customers and Experts who have contributed to this Simulating Reality issue.

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