Actran is an ideal tool for illustrating an acoustics course and for teaching acoustic CAE.

The Actran software suite is the best-in-class solution for simulating acoustics accurately and efficiently. Based on finite and infinite element technologies, Actran offers powerful general purpose vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic capabilities, together with innovative features for coupled aero-vibro-acoustics, turbomachinery noise.

Key acoustic concepts like absorption, insulation, damping, radiation, reflection, refraction, diffraction, guided propagation in ducts (cut-on cut-off frequency), transfer matrix approach may be understood by students through Actran exercises.

Both founders of Free Field Technologies are university professors. The company offers university-friendly rates for Actran and the Actran Student Edition is freely available. If you'd like to know more about our university programs just contact us.

Actran has played an important role during our methods development process. First, Actran provides input data representing the system, which is needed to apply the method. Second, Actran can be used for numerical experiments that are useful to define limits and capabilities of the developed method.

Nicolas Totaro, Assistant Professor at LVA of INSA-Lyon