Free Field Technologies enjoys a close collaboration with many leading aerospace companies and provides dedicated solutions matching this industry's very specific needs.

From the largest commercial jets to small general aviation aircrafts, from military carriers to business jets, for fixed-wing aircrafts or helicopters Actran offers the best available tools and unmatched consulting experience in:

  • fuselage and cockpit insulation assessment and optimization;
  • engine nacelle liner design (intake, bypass and exhaust) including installation effects;
  • helicopter turboshaft engine intake plenum and exhaust liner design (Free Field Technologies is a partner in the Friendcopter European R&D project;
  • ECS (Environmental Control System) noise propagation in air distribution duct;
  • ramp noise (APU and ECS inlet and outlet silencer design, ECS noise transmission through belly fairing);
  • broad-band aero-acoustics (slat/flap noise);
  • acoustic fatigue of payload during space launch phase (sound transmission through fairing).

Among the many unique features developed to serve the aerospace community are:

  • turbulent boundary layer and diffuse sound field mechanical excitation models;
  • convected wave propagation model;
  • support of composite materials;
  • specific fan noise source models;
  • link to all popular CFD codes;
  • support of high-performance computing infrastructures.
Actran evolved significantly over the last decades. It includes a wealth of features that are necessary for modeling accurately our problems in acoustics, vibro-acoustics and aero-acoustics.
Jean-Yves Suratteau, head of the numerical methods group in the Acoustics & Enviromnet department of AIRBUS