Software Development Engineer - Numerical Methods (in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium)


Free Field Technologies is a SME developing and supporting the ACTRAN family of acoustic CAE products. The company serves customers as diverse as car manufacturers and their suppliers, aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturers, loudspeakers and other audio device producers, consultants, universities and research centres.

Free Field Technologies also provides related services: acoustic CAE consultancy (on-site or off-site), training, specific developments, contract research and provides a range of services in the field of acoustic design. Free Field Technologies is also involved in multiple research programs in acoustics, aero-acoustics, vibro-acoustics, high-performance computing etc.

Free Field Technologies operates from its belgian headquarters (close to Louvain-la-Neuve) and from branch offices in Toulouse (France), Tokyo (Japan) and Troy (Detroit, Michigan).


The software development engineers to be recruited will work in the Product Development Group (PDG) in charge of ACTRAN software development. Tasks assigned to PDG members are related to feasibility studies about new modeling strategies for vibro-  and aero-acoustics, participation to externally funded research projects, development, implementation and validation of computational algorithms, development of GUI (Graphical User Interface) and interfaces with third party softwares, high performance computing (HPC) and software optimization, improvements of direct and iterative solvers, bug fixes. Quality Assurance (QA), industrial validation and software documentation benefit from daily interactions with the Product Support Group (PSG) .


Software development engineer (numerical methods): participation to software developments projects involving (continuous/discontinuous) finite element methods applied to vibro- and aero-acoustic problems (time domain and frequency domain solutions).


Software development engineer (numerical methods): The candidate should have a background in civil, mechanical or electrical engineering or applied mathematics and some experience in modeling and simulation of wave problems (dynamics, acoustics or electromagnetics). Programming skills (C++, python) are requested. Specific competences includes solution oriented attitude, quality awareness, team spirit and flexibility. The candidate should be fluent in english and/or french. 

To apply for this position, please email your resume and cover letter to our HR department.