Acoustic modeling of a Diesel Particulate Filter using a double equivalent fluid homogenization approach

G. Lielens, M. Brandstetter, A. Talbot - FFT
DAGA 2018

Anticipate Vehicle Pass-by Noise Requirements with Exterior Acoustic Simulation

Efficient Method for extending Car Wind Noise Prediction Frequency Range based on Steady CFD input

F. Bissardella - Magna Steyr Engineering
A. Talbot, Y. Detandt - FFT
Aachen Acoustic Colloquium 2017

Optimal Design of the Acoustic Treatments Damping the Noise Radiated by a Turbofan Engine

B. Van den Nieuwenhof, G. Lielens, E. Rosseel, V. Dangla - FFT
C. Soize - Université Paris-Est Laboratoire MSME
M. Kassem, A. Mosson - Airbus Commercial Aircraft
AIAA Aviation 2017

A Methodology for the Optimal Positioning of Damping Sheets on Panels

B. Van den Nieuwenhof, G. Vo Thi, M. Raskin, J. Jacqmot - FFT

Aeroacoustic simulation of multiple wind turbine source interaction

X. Robin, C. Legendre - FFT
7th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise 2017

Third-order acoustic finite elements and H-adaptivity for efficient acoustic simulations

T. Cordaro, A. Talbot, G. Lielens - FFT
24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV24)

Efficient Method for Car Exterior Noise Prediction based on Steady CFD input

M. Cabrol, Y. Detandt, A. Talbot - FFT
24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV24)

Numerical Methods for Loudspeaker Installation Effects Prediction: Detailed Evaluation on a Car Door Model

M. Brandstetter, Z. Zhou, G. Lielens - FFT
Internoise 2017

Pass-by noise synthesis from frequency domain exterior acoustic simulations

A.Talbot, G.Lielens - FFT
ATZ Automotive Acoustic Conference 2017

Renault Reduces Pass-by Noise using Acoustic Simulation

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